Physical Therapy is beneficial for people of all ages. Whether an individual having a medical condition or dealing with any kind of illness or injury, physical therapy at XL Physical Therapy in Fort Lauderdale can improve function and encourage activities and lifestyle of the patient. Additionally, it helps in preventing further injury and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Let’s explore how physical therapy can improve the quality of life.

Reduce or eliminate pain

Manual therapy Hands-on techniques and therapeutic exercises which includes joint and soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations are useful to reduce pain by restoring muscle and joint function. Such therapies consider useful in order to prevent pain from returning.

Improve mobility

Whether you are in your 20s or 70s if you find it difficult standing, walking or moving. Physical therapy can help. Stretching and strengthening exercises can help in restoring the ability to move. Physical Therapists use various different assistive device including a cane, crutches, etc. to help an individual in moving and standing. Licensed physical therapists, prepare an individual of care for the patient.

No surgery needed

If physical therapy is successful in eliminating pain or heals an individual from an injury, surgery may not be required. And in case of surgery is required, an individual can benefit from pre-surgery physical therapy. In many cases, physical therapy before surgery can make the person stronger and help in recovering faster afterward. However, a licensed physical therapist at XL Physical Therapy in Fort Lauderdale can tell you if you need surgery or not but only after the evaluation.

Recover from a stroke

Usually, people lose some degree of function and movement after stroke. In such a situation, physical therapy methods help in strengthening weakened parts of the body and improve posture and balance. Physical therapists know techniques to improve stroke patients’ ability to move around in bed in order to make them more independent around the home. Especially, when it comes to toileting, bathing, dressing, and other everyday activities.

Recover from or prevent a sports injury

Everyone knows how different sports can increase the risk for specific types of injuries including stress fractures, knee injury for distance runners, etc. They design an appropriate plan of care or prevention exercise programs to make sure you return to your sport safely.

Manage diabetes and vascular conditions

Physical therapy involved in overall diabetes management plan can do miracles. According to experts, exercise is an effective way to control blood sugar.  In many cases, people with diabetes have problems with sensation in their feet and legs. Physical therapists also help in educating these patients on proper foot care. As it will help them in preventing further problems down the road.

Final Thoughts

So this is how physical therapy can improve the quality of life of an individual. Before you choose a physical therapy expert, make sure he is a licensed physical therapist. And do not forget to get a free evaluation at XL Physical Therapy in Fort Lauderdale.

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