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Auto Accident Physical Therapy

Post-Accident Physical Therapy

A car accident can be a major burden on someone’s life. Some people may not know what they should do after being in a car accident.

After getting everything squared away with your insurance company and collecting the other persons information, one of the next things on the list should be to consult with a medical doctor or a physical therapist.

Neck Pain

It may take weeks to get an appointment with your doctor, the good news is that we can do an evaluation the same day or next day of your accident and start treatment right away!

physiotherapist Working with Patient NeckA lot of people tend to put this off because they don’t feel any amount of pain or tension right away. That is because the initial shock to your body has not worn off yet, and this is holding back the pain symptoms that most likely will arise later. Getting in to see a physical therapist can jumpstart the treatment process right away so that once you do start to feel something, there isn’t a delay in getting in to see someone for relief. Symptoms can present themselves anywhere from right away, to even months post-accident.

In the state of Florida your car insurance will cover your medical bills under the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits that come with your insurance plan, as long as the treatment is considered to be medically necessary.

We work with professionals , as medical doctors, orthopedics and surgeons, that specialize in Auto Accident Injuries, as well as with the best personal injury attorneys in Fort Lauderdale that can help you with your injury claim. (Evaluating your case, determining possible monetary compensation due to lost wages, medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering etc)

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