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Physical Therapy FAQs

Get answers to your questions!

How do I get started?

To get started with your physical therapy experience at XL Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, click on the “Patient Forms” tab. Print and complete your forms and bring them to your first appointment.

Why should I choose XL Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab over other physical therapy places?

XL Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab’s mission is to focus on YOU, individually, and to return you to better than their pre-injury levels by create a motivating, fun, non-clinical environment. Not to mention our 17 years experience in Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy.

Do you accept my insurance?

XL Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is contracted with most insurance companies, Medicare, Auto Insurance and Workers Compensation companies. Our front desk staff will be happy to assist you.

What should I expect during physical therapy?

Your physical therapist will review your prescription and medical history and then perform a detailed physical evaluation. Once completed, the therapist will set a plan to get you better which will include a program in the clinic and a home exercise program.

How long will each session take and how often are my treatments?

The typical session will take an hour, but could vary based on your diagnosis. Most doctors prescribe therapy for 3 times per week.

What if I don’t understand my diagnosis or have questions?

At XL Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab we are happy to answer any of your questions related to your injury. Give us a call or stop by the clinic.

What should I expect when I’m finished with therapy?

Your therapist will review your home exercise program and the necessary precautions to follow. We can also help you set up a general fitness plan on your last day!

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