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Our Physical Therapy Reviews


Rehabing with Jack has changed my career it has helped me stay on the field and be better on the field. He gives you the attention you need and helps out tremendously and I would recommend Jack to anyone who needs to rehab an injury.”

Juan Pierre OF, Chicago White Sox

“Throughout my NFL career Jack has helped me with numerous injuries I sustained and each time he helped me come back stronger than before! He has an uncanny ability to apply the proper therapy necessary to get you back to 100% in the shortest recovery time possible. Anyone I know who needs a physical therapist I always send them to Jack!”

Danny Kanell, Retired NFL QB

“Working with Jack helped me to return to the field and continue to play professional football at a high level. His plan, based on his knowledge and experience, made the difference!”

Lee Evans, WR Buffalo Bills

“For the past 15 years I have gone to Jack to rehab me through many of my surgeries and other injuries. After working with other therapists and trainers in my career, Jack is definitely the best at not only getting me back on the field quickly, but also genuinely caring about my health and well being.”

Josh Pressley, Tampa bay Rays

“Iron sharpens Iron…
Six months prior to the 2008 Olympic Trials, I had knee surgery for ACL and other torn ligaments. With a 1% chance of completing rehab in time for the June trials, Dr. Caldwell recommended Jack as the best therapist in South Florida for the job. From day one, I knew by Jack’s own accomplishments of four Guinness Book World records, that he understood my own goals and determination to make the Olympics. The rest is history; Jack helped push me like no other therapist and I made the Olympic Team. Jack has a love and passion that can help anyone achieve their goals.

Adler Volmar, 2008 & 1996 Judo Olympian

“As a college athlete I’ve worked with a number of physical therapists, but working with Jack has been the best experience I’ve ever had. He is incredibly knowledgable, personable, and caring. He takes the time to get to know his patients to better help them throughout their rehabilitation process. Jack is the absolute best in his field and I highly recommend him to everyone I know.”

Taylor Walsh, University of Wisconsin Women’s Soccer, 2004-2008

“After my joint replacement, I went to rehab with Jack Zatorski. He was excellent in his instruction and care with me. He was instrumental in my rapid recovery and I can fully attribute much of my progress to Jack’s excellent care. In addition, I am an orthopedic surgeon and refer patients to Jack. I have found his care and his individual attention to my patients to be outstanding. Patients are always pleased with his work and I will continue to use him, as he is one of the best therapists I have worked with.”

Dr. Philip Averbuch, MD-Chairman Board of Trustees, University Hospital

“Jack, Just want to thank you for taking care of me, my family and some of the players I represent. Your professionalism is only outmatched by your character. You are clearly the leader in your field of rehab and physical therapy and I would recommend a family member or a world-class athlete to you. Thanks for everything!”

Bill Rose, CEO-DRM Sports Management Group/Moye Sports Assoc.

“Your expertise, professionalism, and personnel touch are the main reasons why I believe you are one of the best in the industry at your craft. It was you Jack, that after my 8th knee operation, convinced me that it was time to get a knee replacement so I could have my life back and boy, where you correct. it was the best thing I have did for myself to this day. As far as the physical therapy I endured with you after my 7th and 8th knee scopes, the progress we made in the post surgery healing and regaining my strength each time was unbelievable to me. Your hands were great.

Your push was non stop. Your attention to detail and healing was the best anyone can ever ask for. Then came the post knee replacement physical therapy which was no easy task for me and you stood by my side for weeks as I rehabilitated myself back to health and I am so appreciative for everything you have ever done for me and will continue to do for me as I age in the future.

How could I not direct my client Vonnie Holliday, former Miami Dolphin to the best there is. Vonnie’s healing time was cut down considerably due to the hands on approach and the remarkable skill you handled him with. I know his return to the football field was in due to the fact that we were able to expedite his recovery time with the basic philosophy of paying attention to your patient which you Jack is relentless doing. Vonnie and I both want to thank you for the time you devoted to getting Vonnie back on the football field at 100% of his playing capacity.

Thank you, Jack Zatorski!”

Cary Fabricant, Pro Sports Agent

“Both of my shoulders were almost frozen, I couldn’t lift by arms. I was due to take a trip to New York City with my daughter and couldn’t imagine how I could make it. I went to see Jack at the recommendation of other people. In a few weeks, I was moving freely without pain. It was amazing! Jack was kind and considerate and helpful with exercise and improving my function. I can’t say enough wonderful things. I’ve recommended friends to him and they’ve all come back with rave reviews.”

Judy Averbuch, Clinical Psychologist

“I first met Jack in December of 2005 after having extensive shoulder surgery. I spent almost three years in PT – including recovering from a second surgery on the same shoulder. I was there three days a week and Jack was always there, with the exception of his attending continuing education courses or taking a much-needed short vacation with his family. Let me say at this point that in his absence my therapy did not have the results with any other therapist that I accomplished with him. It was so comforting to know that Jack would be there to help me work through my pain to achieve positive results week after week, month after month, through a grueling recuperative process.

On my very first day with Jack, his firm handshake, his eye contact, and his smile emitted an air of quiet self-confidence which I found completely reassuring. He took a great deal of time with my initial evaluation including answering my multitude of questions. I found Jack to be personable, sensitive, and compassionate. As my therapy continued, I realized that Jack had yet another wonderful quality – a marvelous sense of humor! Early in my therapy, one of my daughters sustained a substantial life-altering injury and I had to fly to New York to be at her side. Jack exhibited a great degree of caring and compassion and always inquired about her progress and recovery. His thoughtfulness is one of his many attributes.

Previous to my seeing Jack for PT I had physical therapy elsewhere for another injury. There is absolutely no comparison. Jack’s expertise surpasses all others. He worked closely with my surgeon, continued trying multiple modalities to aid in my recovery, and was always up to speed on the latest techniques and advances in his field. When one approach failed to work, he switched seamlessly to another. He would be honest when he knew he was going to inflict pain, and always had an encouraging word, a smile, or a humorous story to help take my mind off the often-painful manual manipulations. He helped me to achieve and maintain the range of motion that I enjoy today. With all of his accomplishments, Jack is self-assured but humble. Total professionalism sums up this mans persona. THANK YOU, JACK!!”

Barbara Stern

“On April 15, 2009, I underwent a major rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder amidst a number of various degenerative problems that have steadily worsened over the years.

The return to work and recovery time of such a complex surgery was expected to be approximately 5-6 months, but thanks to a phenomenal surgeon, Dr. George Caldwell and an equally phenomenal Physical Therapist, Jack Zatorski, I was able to return to work 2 months early! I have been a bartender for the past 39 years, and to return to such a physically demanding job at the age of 56 after such an extensive surgery is quite an accomplishment!

Jack’s one-on-one style of rehabilitation and strength training program is amazing, he genuinely cares about his patients and his aggressive approach toward physical therapy is a quality that is rare to find. His upbeat, positive and motivating attitude really helped me through a very difficult time. Jack not only was able to strengthen my right shoulder but was also able to aid in the rehabilitation of a spinal injury which resulted in a spinal stenosis surgery that I underwent 1 year prior.

In short, for physical therapy and strength training, there is one Guy and one Guy only – Jack Zatorski. Many heartfelt thanks to both Jack Zatorski and Dr. Caldwell!”

Louie Arturi, Fort Lauderdale, FL (Age: 56)

“As my physical therapist, Jack Zatorski helped me to recover from several devastating injuries and subsequent surgeries. For five years, it was his expertise combined with the latest breakthroughs in physical therapy, including the Graston Technique, that allowed me to regain my physical health. Jack worked closely with my physicians to ensure the best outcome. The experience was life changing.”

Gina Castronovo

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