Back pain has become an expanding issue around the world from the last couple of years. It is the subsequent leading reason for visits to a doctor, after the regular virus. If a person is suffering from severe back pain or if the back pain has lasted between two to 4 weeks, physical therapy is recommended. Physical therapy involves the treatment which focuses on the management and prevention of injuries. Its goal is to reduce pain, restore function and provide guidance on preservation programs to prevent further reoccurrence. XL Physical Therapy’s licensed Physical therapist in Fort Lauderdale FL provides the best treatment to deal with any kind of back pain. 

The treatment of back pain is usually divided into two parts-

  1. Passive Physical Therapy
  2. Active Exercises

Passive treatments are done to help relieve the back pain of the patient for a short time period. But some of them can help in improving the patient’s wellbeing for a long period. These therapies are termed as passive because they are done to the patient. They are carried out by other people and a patient can’t do them by themselves. Some of the examples of passive therapies are –

. Massages

. Traction

. Electrotherapy

. Acupuncture

.Therapeutic ultrasound

. Manual therapy techniques such as mobilization of the spine

. Ultrasounds

. Heat and ice packs

In addition to passive treatment, active treatments are also equally important to treat back pain. It has been proven that active therapies are more effective than passive therapies in case of non- specific lower back pain. The term ‘active’ refers to the treatments that a patient actively participates in, that a patient performs by himself. It includes many exercises and yoga positions that strengthen and stretch the muscles. Some kinds of relaxation techniques are also considered in this type of therapy. 

Our expert therapist at XL Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab in Fort Lauderdale can help you to improve your wellbeing by using passive and active physical therapies. 

There are three major causes for back pain; lifting heavy weights, poor sitting positions, and frequent forward bending. Because they result in repetitive strain around the lumbar spine and in turn it leads to severe back pain.

There are a few signs and symptoms which require immediate Physical Therapy For Low Back Pain treatments. Some of them are the following.

  1. It is always a great idea to see a physical therapist if you have a recent onset of lower back pain and also a history of cancer.
  2. An immediate referral to physical therapy is recommended, if there is a sudden loss of muscular control in hips, thighs or calf happens.
  3. Sometimes lower back structures can affect the bladder and bowel function by compressing the spinal cord and nerves that control them. If there is incontinence in bowel or bladder function, it is very important to consult the physical therapist.

One of the most significant occasions to think about your low back is the point at which you have no side effects. One can get rid of back pain forever, by maintaining proper posture and performing some regular exercises.


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