Auto or car accidents have a high risk of causing neck injuries and cause severe neck pain and upper back pain. Neck related pain is also known as Whiplash. In addition to sprains and strains, many people also feel the stiffness in the neck after a car accident. This stiffness and pain can last anywhere between a few hours and several months depending on the severity of one’s injury. And physical therapy is the only way to improve the recovery of the injured person after a car accident.

XL Physical Therapy is a Rehab center at Fort Lauderdale, which can help you to completely recover from a car accident. Our elite team of Physical Therapists diagnose victim’s injuries and use special techniques to ease pain and restore mobility. Physical therapy after a car accident is the safest way to treat injuries. It can help in avoiding crucial surgeries in the future.

A person can suffer from many kinds of neck and back injuries after a car crash and each of these injuries may result in neck pain. Whiplash is the most common kind of injury that a person can suffer after a car accident and it is caused by rear-ends car crash. If you are suffering from the Whiplash then you need a proper treatment plan that your Physical Therapist can prepare for you. And it is very important to see your Physical Therapist if you have any neck pain and Whiplash symptoms after a car accident. The experienced team of the physical therapist of XL Physical Therapy provides outstanding physical therapy services for car accident victims.

If your head is quickly and forcefully thrown backward and then forward, then it can result in Whiplash. And this can affect and injure the spine bones, muscles, ligaments and neck tissues. Whiplash can result from a car accident, sports accidents, and physical abuse. If you are suffering from intolerable neck pain of Whiplash pain and looking for physical therapy services for neck pain after a car accident, no need to look any further since XL Physical therapy is the perfect choice to consider and visit.

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